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Our best car covers are specifically designed to protect your car, both indoors and outdoors. For a very long time owners of classics and vintage cars protect their cars with the help of these covers. For some years now, however, more and more customers with modern cars have decided in favor of our products because of the unique quality of our covers.

“Cheap  products to buy is ultimately the most expensive”: This saying is certainly synonymous with the purchase of a cover for your car. With many cheap covers, you have to buy a replacement after a short time because they are not waterproof for very long. Our best car covers, on the other hand, remain watertight for years to come – and are still affordable from the point of sale.

A car cover with good quality should have at least the following characteristics :

Breathable: A cover should definitely be made of breathable material so that any moisture can evaporate and escape to the outside. More and more customers are consciously opting for our quality products because of past damage caused by moisture in their car and refraining from cheap alternatives of only moderate quality.

Soft lining: No material that causes scratches on the paint: it may seem obvious that best car covers should have a soft lining to protect the car paint from scratches – however, such coverings are very difficult to find on the market.

Non-hygroscopic: The material must be moisture-repellent – this is especially true for the inside! Because if the material that makes up the cover absorbs or absorbs moisture (such as cotton), t he cover will remain on your car like a damp cloth.

No zipper: For our covers, we have deliberately decided against a zipper for the driver’s door. Because, as we know from experience , this leads to problems with scratches and with the water impermeability of cover.

Dustproof: A matter of course – because you want to protect your car from dust and dirt! Since a fibrous web naturally emits some dust, a cover, which is not made of fiber fabric, is always the better protection against dust.

Waterproof: The most important feature, especially when you park your car outdoors! Many cheap covers are not waterproof. However, this can lead to enormous damage, especially if your car is parked for a long time under a cover whose material is colored with water-based paints (risk of discoloration of the car paint). The water, which penetrates through leaks from cheap cover, accumulates between the cover and the paint of your car. But especially in summer, when the sun is shining, temperatures of more than 100 ° C may prevail below the cover. This very hot water may damage the paint of a car. That a cover convertible is the most important requirement requires no further explanation.

Good fit: The best car covers should fit as closely as possible to the car and be designed so that it can’t slip. Furthermore, the cover should not touch the ground, otherwise, there is a risk that dirt and sand between the cover and the paint of your car get there and scratch the paint. Also, the cover should not be blown away immediately if it winds a little.

Use: Our covers have a front and a back. This ensures that the cover fits only one side of the car. It is very important that the cover is only pulled over completely dry cars. After a long time with rain, it is recommended to air the car from time to time. In very strong winds, we recommend securing the cover by means of the eyelets (for the covers for sedans and MPVs up to four such eyelets are incorporated). The best car covers are washable up to 30 ° C (if your washing machine is big enough). The cover can be washed by hand with water and a brush or a cloth at up to 40 ° C.


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